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Dear SONY I’m sorry…

By MazenX on SONY, I’m sorry….

“I feel I owe you something in the way of an apology. For years we’ve had a special relationship, with nights spent together stroking the dual-shock buttons of a PlayStation, to the rich sound of a Sony entertainment system, providing me with endless hours of joy.

But I have been selfish in our relationship, taking from you and giving nothing back in return – literally, not a single dollar. I have taken advantage of your availability at the expense of others who did not fully appreciate you….”

You might call me something of a ‘Vintage-gamer’ which is one of those slightly cool terms to describe someone to tight to buy the latest PS3 and associated games. But what I’ve found is that with a little patience, there’s suddenly a lot more on offer for earlier PlayStation’s at next to nothing.

For example my PS1 was free – abandoned on the side of the street for to the first person who wanted it. Now at garage sales, second-hand stores, charity shops and even at the dump you can find ample PS1’s, controllers, attachments and games.

Being a Vintage-gamer I figure if I hang on to my PS1 long enough it will become collectable, like the Sega mega-system, Nintendo, or Commodore 64. And now is the time to acquire – I have been buying the PS1 games from charity shops for $2 – $6 with a smug knowledge some of these games cost $39 – $99 when they were new.  I also feel socially warmer giving money to charity organisations, than retailers.

When a dual-shock controller broke on me, I visited to the local GameStation store. The staff there literally gave me a replacement they had lying around.  I even scored a second controller for $2 at the recycling store.  If this is the service and value I get now, I can’t wait until the PS2 is considered disposable. (I estimate in the next 2-4 years.)

Perhaps the final insult is the entertainment system I’m building in the adjoining man-cave, using Sony parts and equipment. The sound system is a stereowith an AUX  input. With just one audio cable I’m able to play my iPod, laptop, DVD, TV and PS1 through this system. I get electrical equipment at the recycling shop and don’t pay much more than $15 for speakers, amps, tuners, and cabling. It is a gamble as the parts are sold as not working, but the guys who work there are of the opinion up to 75 percent of it does.

So sorry Sony – it’s nothing personal, I love your products for their quality, but I will eventually acquire them at an inexpensive cost and in the process take a little electrical waste out of our environment.  I hope this doesn’t change anything bewteen us…  we can still be friends.